Artist’s Statement

Images have a unique power to evoke and provoke emotions. They disturb the soul. But they also have the power to change and transform what we feel to show us a new way forward. Colour, as the artist Kandinsky reminded us, exerts a direct influence on the soul.

Within my figurative paintings I seek to capture the essential spirit emotion and movement of that figure. It is a translation of a familiar image into a new arrangement of colour and form.

My paintings cannot be fully planned beforehand because the process of painting them involves risks and accidents. This is because I work when ever possible with a maximum of spontaneity. The emphasis being on action and chance.

I paint rapidly, rhythmically and intensely, destroying the previous layers, throwing and splattering the oil paint. It is effectively an outburst of energy onto the canvas. The result of this process is that the final image, which is my visual expression of the passion pain or energy within that figure takes on its own life and independence.